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It is possible to help and improve the destiny and happiness of your child, if this is possible then also we may be able to help the world as such.

In ancient times it was practiced by those who had the knowledge and wisdom, to arrange for the exact time of conception and birth.

We would like to help as many as possible the very same way, by guiding the parents towards the most auspicious month, date and time of birth through caesarean.

For this we need to have both the parentsí birth year, month, date, time and place.

Then we will seek the most auspicious date and time of birth.

It is up to the parents themselves to arrange with hospitals and doctors for the caesarean.

If these methods does not apply to culture or country, we may also guide for normal births on specially auspicious dates.

What we are looking for while seeking the most auspicious dates and times of birth, is trying to help our children to grow up to become most harmonious, happy, kind, intelligent,ethically and morally good, spiritually inclined, healthy and with a good longevity etc.

Beyond that, we cannot be of any help to parents with specific wishes. Besides this, sometimes also God and Destiny will it differently and some delays or other changes may interfere with the arranged time of birth so a different rising sign may happen. This we only see as the wish of God and Destiny, so all is good.


1. A boy was born through arranged caesarean 19.3.01 with his rising sign in Cancer and all the planets favourable placed.

2. A boy was born the same way 25.3.2002 also with his rising sign in Cancer and all the planets favourable placed.

3. A girl was arranged to have her birth on 12.1.2004 with Aquarius as the rising sign but there was a sudden delay in the operation room and the destiny and the wish of God was for this blessed girl to have her rising sign in Pisces.

In a book by Prof. Tejen Bose, the concept of arranging the birth of our children is highly recommended and he gives several good examples and combinations for future parents to choose among.

As any human birth is the reason of previous births deeds, some good, some bad, therefore in connection to the birth of the child, we would like to recommend that the parents arrange for the remedies of their child, this way all possible good actions have been performed to ensure the very best results.

After the birth and in accordance with the parents, we will leave it to the Saints through the Naadi's, to decide what and when the remedies best be performed.

No matter what one does in life, full faith in God is essential and Miracles may happen.


We need to have either of the parents birthdata, year, month, date, time and place as well as information about the pregnancy after the 3rd month.

Then we will find the most auspicious date and time for the childs birth, sometimes we give more than one date.

Price $250

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