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This is a very special kind of astrology, mostly and basically written and rewritten in the previous Dwapara Yuga (present one is Kali Yuga starting about 5200 years ago). At that time several Maharishis were gathered and it was decided to write down several Grantha's, Samhita's or Naadi's containing millions of individual destinies as per the instructions of God.

There are many kinds of Naadi's throughout India , Sri Lanka , Nepal , and Tibet . Some are genuine and will change one's life in the most positive way others are copy's or fake's or only very limited in their predictions and not much helpful.

A good reading gives a full life story from birth to death and often also about one's previous and possible next incarnation or goes straight to the point of matter.

The predictions and their correctness vary according to the Naadi consulted. We are presently most impressed by the Naadi's compiled on astrological facts.
Another kind of reading can be had by asking concrete questions and is called for prasna Naadi's.

My experiences in this life time begins with the literature written by several spiritual people, professors, pundits and scholars, researching a lifetime, some from the 18th, 19th, 20th century and present century, combined with my personal experiences and travels throughout India.

Then after some years of research, in 1993, I had a dream and vision of Devi Saraswathy (The Goddess of knowledge/learning and Holy mother of Saint Bhrigu). I was bowing down in prayer before the Mother who presented before me several Naadi's with different names, and receiving her blessings, - calling me to come to Her.

Within a month thereafter I went to India and visited a Bhrigu Samhita in North India . After locating my patri - reading, Saint Bhriguji explained to me about my dream, about Parvathi His Mother and said that's the reason for coming this time and to that particularly Naadi.

The reading went on for two full days and the night between the two days, Lord Shiva came to me, - merged into my body and soul blessing me beyond verbally expression.

The day after, Saint Bhriguji starts telling about that particularly merging and the blessing of Lord Shiva and explains in details about the future and what will come thereafter??

This reading took two days and if I had taken all the chapters it would have lasted about 3-4 weeks according to the reader.

The reading also said that there was a mission, to spread throughout the world the knowledge about the Naadi's and spirituality and that I would write books about it. Becoming close to several saints and holy people and that this present life was a spiritual life combined with the life of a family man, a RajaRishi like the Saint Viswamitra.

Ever since my first reading I have tried to help others to have readings and to spread the knowledge about the Naadi's, spirituality and Godhood and this will apparently in different forms also be my future life. As well as establishing a future Naadi and Spiritual Centre in South India .

Many years later and after receiving a reading from Agastiya Jeeva Naadi, which again is confirming these predictions, and the attempt to establish a Naadi centre in Chennai, combining several genuine Naadi's under one roof, and always carefully seeking the most honest and authentic Naadi's, giving the most accurate readings. I took several readings for that particularly question and the answers where mostly the same but also that in the beginning, there would be difficulty and delays before established.

The Naadi's we want to include have been tested throughout the years but even then they may still be changed according to the quality of the readings obtained.

It is a very difficult task to establish a Naadi & Spiritual Centre, first to have the best Naadi's, secondly combining this spiritual service, without making it a commodity but that apart, if it is the wish of the Lord, then His Grace and Blessings also in this way through this service will reach out to mankind. (See also some excerpt's from my book ”Naadi Palmleaf Astrology”.)

A. Ganesh & Shakti Naadi states following : ”Any genuine Naadi is based on the 360 degrees of the Zodiac, divided into the 12 signs, each containing 150 whole nadiamsas or 300 half amsas, but the Ganesh Naadi is divided into 1800 nadiamsas for each of the 12 signs and is therefore very accurate in its interpretations.

There are 21.600 different amsas or basic destinies, calculated from the 24 hours a day, corresponding to one individual destiny per 3 seconds. The Sahadeva Naadi is also said to contain a total of 21.600 basic descriptions of destinies”.

”The figure 21.600 corresponds to the number of man's daily inhalations and exhalations, as stated by the yogi's, that is the basic of all things and the 5 elements of the body as well as the astrological fundamental knowledge and insight”.

”Additionally there will be different signs in the hands, face and body and these signs can only be seen by God.”

B . Dr. B.V. Raman once asked a Jaimini Naadi exactly what was the basis and secrets of these texts:”he was told that there are a total of 72 Rishi Naadi's of which 36 are mantra Naadi's and that these will give accurate information's about the past unto the time of consultation. Each of these Mantra Naadi's contains 1, 32,360 horoscopes. The predictions for the future will generally be uncertain. These collections are not based on the principles of astrology, but realized or seen by divine insight or commanding a siddhi, though practicing special mantras.

There are 36 Tantra Naadi's, based on the position of the planets in rasi, nawamsa and other sub-divisions. Each Tantra Naadi contains 15, 88,320 horoscopes, and horoscopes will be re-written and carried on every 360 years. The predictions of these horoscopes are fairly accurate and reliable. It is said that Brahma Naadi is the most reliable.

Then there are 72 Prasna Naadi's, 36 of these will answers based on whether the person gives the name of a fruit, color, a number, and 18 others will give answers based on flowers and another 18 based on the time when the question is asked.

Some Naadi's know what one is thinking, but the answers will not always be correct. Other Naadi's will give correct answers but the nature of question will not be known”.

C. Siddhanta Kanda Naadi, which is a dialogue between the 18 Siddhas: Kaga Bujandar asks:” Even through there are many different Naadi collections in the world, which apply the best principles, there are also many prophecies, which do not come true, and how can that be? If there is such a defect, how can people believe in the genuineness of these collections and what they say? Please help me to remove my doubts”

Another Siddhar named Kakayar replies:” Even through everything stated in these collections is quite accurate, errors will sometimes occur. This is mainly because of the presence of Kali Yuga (present time), which will have a negative influence on people's morals and the readers will therefore sometimes lack the correct sense of responsibility. A reader must be religious and pure of heart and must perform the daily poojas as decreed, if the reader is not of good quality, the results will not always materialize. The readers who lie and do not perform their daily poojas, will find no benefits or joy having a Naadi”. (Their lives may be very unhappy etc.)

Kakayar Siddhar continues:” In order to help and guide the seeker to overcome narrow-mindedness, selfishness, bad thoughts, actions and words, the Siddhar might sometimes use praise and flattery etc. in order for the individual to be helped on the right course. Even though the individual may feel that it is very difficult at first, the end result will always be good for that person.

Those who not eliminate the sins of previous lives through poojas and performing remedies will not achieve the results otherwise promised in the text.

If everything mentioned in the text is performed correctly by both the reader and the client, everything will happen as described”.

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