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We can presently help you to have a genuine Naadi reading from different collections such as Agastiya Jeeva Naadi, Vashista Naadi, Mahasiva Naadi Muruga & Vineyka Naadi, Kagabujandar Naadi, Sukar Naadi, Bhrigu Samhita and others.
We use tree different kinds of Naadi's.

A. One system uses the thumb impression and a questionnaire to be filled out. This system gives quite many details and names but the predictions given may only come true in 60-65 % of cases.
This system is based on the Vakya or calculations as seen by the Maharishis and very often not quite in accordance with the astronomical calculations. This category mostly belongs to the Mantra Naadi.

B. The other system uses the year, month, date, time and place. This system gives also very detailed information, not always names but the predictions most often comes true in 80 - 90 % of cases. These are Naadi's based on astrological facts and calculations and the planets and the ascending sign corresponds to the correct astronomical calculations. This category belongs to the Tantra Naadi.

C . Additionally one can get information through what is called prasnas, meaning asking concrete questions. The answers are mostly based on the planets at the time of asking the questions, up to 5 questions. This category is a combination of the 72 kinds of Prasna Naadi's.

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