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This kind of Naadi is quite different from other kind's of Naadi's in the sense that this Naadi is -
”alive”- it writes itself in the moment the reading is taking place and is in reality a direct opening/communication between the God's and Goddesses and the reader on a higher level of consciousness. Sometimes the letters on the leaves change and some times it is written even in English or other languages.

Sometimes they are blank but a reading is still possible, then it goes directly from the reader to the seeker through the third eye.

This kind of Naadi´s is very rare and holy. The Agastya Jeeva Naadi I have, came to me through a 90th year old indian

It is said that there exist no more than one or two Jeeva Naadi's like this and that everyone getting a reading from these leaves will have a blessing beyond understanding, that all previous life's karma will be resolved instantly, health problems cured and that the entire life will change the very same day the reading takes place.

The consciousness is the forum wherein a heaven of energy creates and things and events shown before the inner eye is conveyed to the seeker. No ordinary person is said to have a reading from these leaves as they are mostly very spiritual. Agastiya Jeeva Naadi is Sathya itself, meaning that the truth always will be spoken coming directly from God.

1. Excerpt from a Jeeva Naadi reading in 2003

”Before you reach the age of 85, Agastiya says, you will have achieved great things. Sri Agastiya is praying to Lord Shiva to speak through him to help and guide you with proper and exact information and knowledge about past, present and future.

Before you reach the age of 85, you will have plunged into the path of Divinity and self realization. You're having a profession, which, according to spiritual language, is related to Maya, creating illusions. It is said that at times there has not been complete happiness and harmony in your relationships and family matters.

It is said that you will receive a huge amount from what is called unearned wealth, a combined factor of inheritance and insurance. Through the grace of Sri Guru, he will help you to have visions and dreams which in due time will help you on your spiritual path, as well as inform you in advance when there will be huge changes in finances, on the positive side. You will be able to create income from more than one source, to have the intellectual abilities to focus on mercantile as well as spiritual activities. In that process, you'll be helped by friends in good positions.

You'll be very good in dealing and contacting people outside that has to do with information, counselling, teaching – very good in explaining facts. In that line as well, you'll be a person doing service for Me, which is your path in this life. There will be happiness in your residential area and USA as well as and moving away for travels. Particularly, there will be a female of great beauty who will have an impact on your happiness and future.

There are some writing abilities to put forward, connect or combine words in writings and texts. You will be very serious and dutiful. You have the ability to speak languages other than English and understand people of other countries. You have the happiness of having a family life with a partner and offspring. You are truly blessed to have fortune in profession, commercial activities and family life. In that line, I will always be helping you, guiding you, and protecting you. Within you, there is a slight tendency, and has been for some time to worry about some earnings and your finance. In this lifetime, there will be a final day when you have to transform completely. That is why the reading refers to the age of 85.

You're having our full blessings and guidance. Mark however, that in the next 5 months, the progress will be slow, regarding spiritual understanding; lack of clarity related to work and service to be done in future. This is because there needs to be some changes within yourself. We are moulding your self-consciousness and self importance. We want to mould your ego and take you higher showing you some Divine teachings.

Your wife is of a changeable nature – she has radiance and brightness, she's proud and emotional. She's having older siblings. Within 10 months from now there will be a great positive change within your life regarding the purpose and spirituality of yours, travels, service, communication, as well as positive expenses involved with the house. So the year itself from now, one year ahead is the great transformation period and things will be much clearer. Lord Krishna is also blessing you in regards to marital happiness.

We will bless you with the fulfilment of what is in your mind and happiness from a partner with beauty, trust in Me to learn having the balance of attachment and non-attachments.

It is said that you can have the combined blessings of Parvathi and Saraswati, also you will come to experience and see Angels and Goddesses in dreams and visions.

You will be able to see your dreams come true. And after today things will change in the most positive ways”.


2. Excerpt from a Jeeva Naadi reading in 2003

”I Agastiya am bowing down before Lord Shiva – I humbly pray that he would guide me, speak through me to this person.

She's carrying a huge amount of problems, troubles and difficulties on her back. In a previous lifetime, you didn't fulfil the obligations towards Me. I am Lord Shiva speaking through Agastiya. Three times I gave you chances of improving and bettering yourself so you would reach my feet. But you were filled up with desires and wishes.

Lord Shiva is sitting together with Agastiya explaining to Agastiya about your situation and Agastiya is pleading for you – he wants to take your case. Shiva is saying “Even though I'm blessing this person now, taking upon myself almost all burdens, she will have to confront the present situation with regards to a court case with courage and patience. There will be some slight unpleasantness connected to court cases. But as you will have from now myself in form as Agastiya as a representative, there will be some solutions that won't hurt you much – only very little. There will be an agreement. But because you did not follow my instructions in a previous lifetime, you will have to confront this situation as it now but it will be limited to three in number, there will not be any further.

You will have to worship Me in my form as Muruga and you will have to recite the mantra you have heard here today, for three months and six days, by that we will take care of you.

After about 18 months from now on, you shall have a positive change in connections to your work. And you will obtain greater success in your contacts with other people – professionally as well as privately. You see, you have some energy which attracts negative forces. I want you to work a little bit more with yourself.

When you are most steady in your meditations and prayers, I will be there to help you obtain more peace within and gradually I will enter your life as more and more Light.

By that also you will be able to steer clear of future problems related to property matters. Stay clear of problems related to finance, stay clear of problems related to material as well as material happiness – related to the family coming from your mother.

You're a female, but you have some male qualities. It is unavoidable that there will be some expenses connected to some court cases, but there will be a good solution and agreement through the blessing of Me. I will take you through the ordeals. After that you will have my full blessings.

I want you to engage yourself in My mission in a way related to herbals, Ayuervedic medicine. Any health matter and doing well with that, you will make Me very happy.

There is an element of secretiveness in regards to finance and money. By reciting My mantra and having the full faith in Me and having the Light in your heart, I will reduce the negativity, problems, and confusions resulting from your life.

It will be good for your connection to spiritual purposes, to go outside your native environment, for that also you will do some travels in the coming years. You are having faith in a guru by the name of Sri Siva, who is sitting down before you – looking into your eyes. And you wish that he will blow away past lives and bless you with faith in the present life and that he will take care of all the problems.

From now on I'm giving you many good opportunities, more happiness. Agastiya says you should sit down and read some books. Be a bit more careful about not pushing things.

So I'm promising you that I will change your life.

Look out for birds the next three days – there will be three birds within these days. One is white, another having grey and black and the third one with some blue color on its wings. This ensures that the will of Mine will be done.

One last thing, within some years from now on,- two years, you should make sure that you give a helping hand in connection to protecting and financially supporting children from a foreign country.

Now the gods and goddesses are coming forward, giving their blessings pure as a child and words full of Light. Our words are your words as well. Now you can go out there and do our will perfectly”.


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