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All the planets are placed in different signs and houses in the horoscope, as per the destiny and previous life's deeds and for those planets which are not in auspicious places one will feel it directly or indirectly in life, - from birth to death if one does not perform proper and related remedies.

For instance if Mars is weak and badly placed it will give problems, delays and unhappiness in marriage, to properties, legal disputes, diseases etc.
If it is Sun it will give problems related to father and children as well as ones success and prestige.
If it is Mercury it will reflect on ones education, intelligence, troubles through land, friends etc. etc. If is Venus it will give problems also in lovelife and marriage, finance, vehicles and all the sweet things in life.
If it is Saturn one will have many difficulties related to work and profession.
If it is Jupiter, it is seen by bad luck, no prestige or happiness, wrong path and ideas, low moral and that one will be guided by troublesome people and factors in life.
If it is Moon one will have sorrows because of mother and motherland, travels, females and to be cheated as well as mentally worried in mind etc.

All these factors will be increased or limited, if also the two shadow planets Raghu and Kethu is involved with the above planets. Now all this only reflects ones own deeds in a previous life and it will be the good deeds that makes it possible to have the chance hearing about and to perform the proper remedies to encounter or eliminate the previous bad deeds and results in this present life.

The remedies are very varied and can be anything from charity to feeding or offering clothes to poor people, visiting different temples, prayers, fire sacrificing called Agni Homa, pooja?s etc. often it requires that experts, finds the most auspicious date and time to perform these remedies on ones behalf and also that one may have to recite certain mantras and prayers. For this one may be able to pay the priests or experts to perform it properly on ones behalf. The prices, we only know when the Naadi have explained about what kind of remedies is needed.

We highly recommend, having the remedies performed as soon as possible. This we believe will have a remarkable and positive effect on the life of the seeker and great changes can take place.

To have the reading and to perform the remedies is a divine process with divine results.

The readings is the words of the Lord, expressed through Saints and Siddhars, so also is the recommended remedies, this just to explain the importance of both.

Inform us about your wish and we will return with information about the involved expenses, the procedures and when the remedies on your behalf can be performed in India by the most qualified.


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