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The Agastya Jeeva Naadi indicates the trends and directions that can be altered either by divine or by the human will, by way of prayers and pujas, by persuading the God's.

As such the natives General Chapter and other matters related to the love/matrimony life and remedies are predicted here.

The good and bad which you enjoy during the present period of janma (This birth) is brought forward from your purva karma (Past life) and to have a good life during the rest of the present life period and to have a nice opening in the next birth also, all you have to do is do the prayers and it will bring you the ultimate positive happenings and that is the punya which you will be taking with you to the next birth.

As such the native is hearing the Agastya Jeeva Naadi predictions during his 48 th year running and before going in to the predictions, the planetary position of the native's chart is explained here.

According to the chart, Saturn has taken seat in lagnam/ascending sign, Sun and Venus in Meenam, Moon, Mercury and Kethu in Mesha, Mangal in Vrishaba, Guru in Kanni and Raghu in Libra and the star is Aswini and Lagnam is Vrischika and during the mentioned period the native has been born and the natives predictions are hereby narrated.

The general chapter gives the precise position of the planets and predictions of the native and also goes into the details of the momentary planetary transit position.

The native is ambitious and aspiring, active, energetic and forceful and a practical man. Has a strong physical temperament and likes own independence and will enjoy the material comforts and physical pleasures. Frank and truthful. Will have importance everywhere. You will face the obstacles and will be daring and will be able to act swiftly in the time of emergencies. Anxious to learn and gain all the knowledge and information available. In the later stages of his life there will be progress in the field of mental and intellectual activities.

You will have enough money at the times of need and will earn and spend freely. Will aspire for fame and prominence as well as for the authority and power. You will be able to serve under others exercising great tact and skill and win their favour and also you yourself have the capacity for having practical action and enterprise of your own in the days of the Raghu dasa and the period from the age of 51 running, will be more interesting as a lot of new changes will take shape and also in respect of your love affairs, however there are some blocks to the upliftment of your happy goings, this has to be removed by the way of remedies and the details will be predicted during the predictions at the right stage.

The early part of your life period will be mostly a mixture of good and bad, but out of that the bad will be more than the good part, even then, you will be having some success by virtue of your personality and by the capacity of your practical actions. You will have sufficient measure of self-control, strength of character and ability to influence others and will overcome antagonistic surroundings and enemies.

The present period is not favourable to you, but at the same time and after the pariharam/performance of remedies and chanting of the sacred divine words, then you will find miraculous solutions and ways, and come to enjoy a more comfortable life and a change of love and partner will be fulfilled.

While going round into the destiny of the native, there is some problems and difficulties and at certain periods in the course of your life and career, you will not have much advancement as you feel you have what you have deserved. In total, the life of marriage, love affairs or friendships with girls, will be miserable and you will be broken into pieces in that respect due to the planetary effects of Mangal/Mars in the seventh house and the lord of the seventh house Venus has taken seat in the purva karma place, that is fifth house, joined and under the impact of the planet Sun and also Saturn is aspecting Mars, therefore and moreover you will have more than three affairs with females in your life and during your age/period of 51, 52 and 53 years running, you are destined to have a new relationship/love affair and this will be a period of much happiness and you will come to enjoy the matrimonial part of life with this new Lady association and this relationship will at same time give you the love and marriage. This is a fourth woman in your life and you will see it come to happen in practice.

You will have a life of struggle but you should not give up as the success in your life comes through struggles. At times you will be hasty and hot headed if things do not come up to your expectations. Some times your behaviour will be just like fire in eruption.

You will have a habitual hopefulness and tendency to take up everything in the attempts with great enthusiasm, but at the same time liable to drop them again before they have come to anything.

You have been advised to be firm at all cost and keep going until your goal is touched. Otherwise your energies will be wasted and chances of excess of nervous and mental unbalance, which again will create violent exertions and outburst of angers.

According to the planets, then you will come cross ailments and suffer in respect of diseases connected with face, brain, head, knees, bones and also in the secret parts and also you will have operations in the body.

As such the native has to be more careful for the next twenty months, after that it is the period of rising in respect of his wishes.

As of now according to the transit of planets, at present it is the Arthasthama Saturn period,- that is Saturn is in the fourth house and Jupiter is in the sixth house and more over the native has been affected by Poorva Sarpa Dosham and also having a strong Mangal Dosham/Mars defect and according to the present period, during the age of 48, 49 and 50 running, due to the impact of the influence of the malefic planets and the Poorva Dosham (previous life's acts and deeds) the native will have the experiences of untimely happenings in the personal and family life, suffering in body and mind, trouble through a dangerous woman, danger from thefts and snakes or food poison, and also some kind of malefic effects of the planets, will affect the native and there will be disturbance in the family life, and especially in respect of the present wife/woman, all this will not be cordial and there will be distrust and quarrels in the family and the native will be going through much upset due to all the happenings.

To have a fine and good future, you has to remove the Poorva Sarpa and Mangal Dosham and by that you will be able to come out from the Sarpa, Papa, Rona Vimochanam and for that you is advised to perform the Sarpa, Mangal, Sani Pariharam puja and the Swayamvara Parvathi Japa Homam, by the Pariharam, this will result in relief, domestically, socially and financially, and the period of bad will be overcome and then you will have a bright periods during the coming period.

The future aspects connected to the new love affair, will have a good development and also you will find a refresh or a new leaf of life in this development and also there are chances as predicted for another love affair/marriage and during the period of 51, 52, and 53 of age running (50, 51 and 52) it will work good for you a lot and not only that, even after your 60 years (59) of age you will find good opportunities and more over, you will do a lot achievements during the period as per your chart and the periods 55 and 56 (54 and 55) will also be favourable, however you will have to make some efforts for a change of the domestic situation during the said period.

The thing in respect of the love affairs will be up to your desire/wish, it is because Guru/Jupiter is influencing the planet Mars and also is aspecting the lord of the seventh house Venus, who is in an exalted position and seated along with the Sun and therefore you will come across a fine working women in your life and with her enjoy the parapnelia of luxury and sexual and loveable pleasures and it is all there in your future. All the difficult years of the past is the work of your destiny and the coming period will bring the changes and after the pariharam/remedies is performed, some sacred words (Mantras) will be given to you and you have to chant it with faith and you will have great changes in your life and we bless you with good health and longevity and with a happy domestic life.


The recommended remedies to perform are Sarpa, Mangal, Sani Parihara puja and Swayamvara Parvathi japa Homam.


Example of AGASTYA JEEVA NAADI (1st kandam)

Name :
Date of birth 25.11.1923

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
Om Sri Navaratna Kanaka Durgambika Namaha
Prey for Calmness and Peace
Prey for Light and Wisdom
Prey for The guidance of God
Prey for the Life Eternal

First prayer to Lord Ganesha.

There are several births in this world, from the small ants to the big elephant. Apart from all these, the human birth is the most auspicious ones. According to the deeds committed in earlier births, we are supposed to have good and bad results in the present life time. Now Agastya Jeeva Naadi reveals the prediction as also predicts the pitfalls if any.

As such this native is being born in the year Ruthroth Kari, in the sixth year in the Jovian cycle, month Scorpio, tenth day, Sunday, in Mrigasira star, Vrishaba sign and the lagnam is in Thulam.

As such the Jeeva Naadi now speaks about the planetary position in your horoscope. Mars and Saturn in Libra in your first house, Sun Mercury, Guru and Venus are joined together in Scorpio, Kethu is in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Raghu in Leo. As such you have been born with these planetary positions.

These positions is due to your Poorvapunya and you have been blessed by God to enjoy plenty of wealth and education. Will have large face and thigh, playful gait, generous in giving, like to speak the truth and will try to keep up your commitments. Will have more daughters than sons.

You will have more than one marriage and family life. By way of many kinds of efforts you will earn money. You will have a good appetite and be of a forgiving nature.

The middle and last part of your life are happier that the first part. You are clever in purchase and sales. You are under the influence of your wife and woman.

Suffers ill health during childhood.

Is very intelligent, daring and chivalrous. Will be learned and earn well. Fond of traveling and you will be heading an institution of education.

You are sensuous and much inclined to pleasures of the flesh.

Occupies an equally eminent position, lucky in respect of wife but married more than once.

Has a host of good qualities, enjoys luxurious, paraphernalia, extravagant expenditure and is respected by the people of the towns and cities, clans and assemblage of people.

You will be very active, even in old age you will appear very young. Will have plenty of wealth but a part of it appropriated by the Government.

You are well mannered and a gentleman, very agreeable, sweet speech, well up in arts and you will enjoy the life til the last moment.

A good fighter in the sphere of your work. Gains from open as well as the hidden sources. Impairs the power of the hearing – hard of hearing – having some ear problems.

Whatever endeavor you undertake it will be appreciated by others. You will get money through speculation and by way of pensions also. Fond of children.

Will have the capacity of speaking the outcome of the future, he have that capacity.

He will own houses and vehicles and love his coborns. A little bit of a wavery mind. Whatever work you undertake you will see that it is of high caliber. You will come across several changes in your career.

You will have a good companion of the other sex till your last breath.

You are a good teacher and you will be popular and attracted by others.

Whatever you think you will try to do it.

You will have a good span of life and be helpful to your relations. Interest in technical, philosophical, intellectual books and involvement in to these areas also.

Have the capacity of presenting the views which others will appreciate and oblige. Technical knowledge of grasping mind. You will be benefited by way of exchanging views and also through sea, air ie. Import and export and your first child will be a daughter.

It will be difficult for others to understand your plans. No one can win over you by way of speech. You will have good money rotation and also permanent income till you leave this world and also you will keep something to your children.

According to the circumstances you will have good respect within your family, social status in the way of educational services and the last part of your life you have to be in the line of philosophy and that is your purpose until your last days.

You will be much interested in the entertainment line. Will be stubborn in your activities. Even though you have some kind of mistakes on your part you will try to expose the mistakes of others and enlarge it, others will think like that.

Your children will have a good position in their life but the relationship between yourself and your children will not be smooth full. Whatever work you undertake, even if it is easy one, it will take a long route, meaning long time with obstacles and with great hardship. The result will be favorable and you will achieve the goals at last.

Even after your 70th year without any dishearten, like a young man you will work and achieve rare things and bring credit to your side. Persons who receive help from you will not always be grateful to you after receiving your help.

As per the planetary position in your chart you may suffer health problems in respect of ears, eyes, mouth, chronic, stomach troubles, troubles in private parts (Anus), and diabetes or sugar problems.

You will be associated in your life in the careers connected with researches, education, teachings, in the line of arts, advertising and journalism and will write articles. Also you can invest in respect of sea food products, transport, watery products, textiles and also in the line of documentaries.

Saturdays are favorable and white and green colors are good. Diamond and the number 6 is lucky for you.

As such you are hearing these prediction during your Mercury dasa and Jupiter sub period, balance is six months and twenty-five days.

As per the present dasa is concerned, then he is auspicious to you and Mercury has taken a seat in your second house and moreover this Mercury dasa will run for you till your 74 year.

But during the end of 1995, when the planet Jupiter transit in the eight place from your Moon, because of that there is possibilities of having serious health problems.

Up to the end of 1996 this transit of Jupiter will in your eight house. As such it is better to be vigilant in your health matters and you have been advised to perform the pooja to please the Graha Jupiter, which will protect and take you to a good health position and also you will have gains from friends through publication acting as a middle man or by writing and traveling and also domestic/partner/love happiness will prevail.

Your business deals will be successful. There will be an increase in your intelligence and learning and you will gain name and fame.

As far as special task is concerned it is the right time to develop higher learning of spirituality and occult studies.

Till your 74th year it will be a good period for you. After that Kethu dasa is coming for you and it will run for seven years up to your 81st year, however this dasa is an inauspicious period for you and Kethu is in a weak position, so there will be trouble in your family and enmity from people, mental distress, depletion of wealth, illness to your self, wife and children. In the same period you will become more and more inclined in to the Divine matters. Also some danger to your longevity is seen in this period, if you are able to overcome the dangerous period in Kethu dasa, then you will have a good span of life and then attain the feet of God around the age of 87 year.

As you are requesting to know about some world events too, these are hereby predicted also.

As far as the great catastrophes are concerned in the near future or millennium year 2000 A.D. Then there will be a lot of political turmoil and civil wars in Asia and African Countries and also several religious cults will emerge as an extremist or terrorist groups.

Also there will be severe natural calamities which will occur in the Pacific Region, seismic disturbance and volcanic eruptions likely in Japan, Indonesia and also painful happenings in western Asia.

Also disintegration of big nations and all together this present KaliYuga will make a way in the beginning of the year 2000 A.D. with a lot of growing unfavorable to the truth.

As such we ends this reading, wishing you a happy, long, peaceful, wealthy and healthy life.




Om Shri Maha Ganapathy Thunai
Om Muruga Thunai

1st Kandam

I humbly surrender myself to Lord Muruga, who stands between His consorts Valli and Deivanai and bless us all with a good and happy life. As I offer my prayers I am herewith ready to read the readings of Mr. N. through my reader Shri Baskar.

You Mr. N. have been born on a Tuesday, the 20 th Panguni month and Dhurmuki year with Bharani - as your Janma Star: Mesha – as your Janma Rasi, Vrischika – as your Janma Lagnam.

Using your thumb prints that belong to Kamala Vari Sanka Rekai – Pulli– 3, through which I am able to locate the right Olai leaf of yours and that reads as follows:

You are born in a Christian family where you'll have 2 elder siblings and you will be the 3 rd son. Looking into your planetary positions, I could see that Sun and Sukra is in Meenam, Chandra, Buddha and Kethu in Mesha, Mars in Vrishaba, Guru in Kanya, Raghu in Thula and Sani in Vrischika.

Being the 3rd child in your family, you seem to be well talented though but you will only have an education up to a certain level and not very high. You would like to lead a happy married life but presently it seems that you have not yet married but are living with a woman.

Your health is not found to be good and you might find it difficult to work on your own. You might be depending on others for your daily needs and seem to have been worrying a lot for over a long time.

You will have had an affair with a woman for quiet a long time but lately more and more wished to be away from her and her relations. Over a period 14-18 years you will have spent your life with her, and have gained nothing. There will have been some occasions that the lady also along with your self will not be interested to keep up this relationship and intact, that is also one of the reasons for you to make a move towards your Naadi reading, to seek answers and guidance.

Over these few months, a lot of thinking would have been going on within you, leaving you all alone in the world of confusions. You might have leaded a life that is absolutely meaningless. This is mainly because of the Graha Doshas (Defects of planets) plus the Karma Dosha (Past life's bad deeds). I am advising you to have your parihar's read at Shanti and Deeksha Kandam.

You will have had a steady rise on the medical expenses more recently. Now at your 48 year (47 year), you are likely to loose a lot of material things and might feel the bitterness within the family and in the relationship with the above mentioned woman.

By the year 49 – 50 (48 – 49), you might come/develop in contact with a new love affair that may turn into love and remain for some years.

Looking into your horoscope, we find no further chances in your life for a legal marriage settlement with a lady. But you will be able to lead a normal life with a woman you love and that person fulfils your basic needs, this will happen in future.

Between your 51 – 54 year, you will have a great turning point in your life.

Between your 55 – 59 year, you will get the best and valuable things needed for a life and you seem to start with a fresh new life. Here, once again change is indicated in the family affairs. You might change into a new house, or to a new location. Chances are seen that you'll find yet another person, with whom you may try to build up the trust.

Between your 60 – 63 year you are likely to have a life threatening situation and you should be very cautious about whom you deal with. By offering few parihar's/remedies you might overcome this situation and stay ahead, to live happily.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy life!


Mr. N.

(4 th Kandam)

By worshipping the lotus feet of Goddess Parvathi – I Agasthya read the 4 th kandam for Mr. N. through my reader.

You Mr. N. is now aged 48 running. So far in your life you might not have gone for any permanent work, many changes will have been there and ups and downs. You might have no fixed income except supports from others externally, government and others etc. You might be depending on this support and would to some extent only have been making your living also. You health is found very bad with the result, that you have the disability, so that you are not able to go for a regular work.

The reasons for having a very bad health are mainly due to your sins which you might have done in your birth earlier. That is the reason for your sufferings in this birth. Your parents will not be living along with you, leading a normal life.

Looking into your horoscope, Jupiter is found to be hidden in the 6 th house from Moon, which indicates, diseases, fear, increased debts and other negative factors. You'll have a lot of confusion, disorders in your health, character etc., Very frequently you seem to change your mind and impression on others, which will leave you in a very desperate situation/motion. Also you might be suffering with eye defects more recently.

Your parents also might have been affected by illness and in general, the medical expenses at home will surely be quiet high.

Very soon, you are likely to live away from your present wife/partner, who also intends to live separately away from you and your family.

Between your 49 – 50 year, you are likely to find a new soul mate, who will step in to your life as a wife. However, you will not marry her but you would like to live with her and you will live together like husband and wife. Through her, you are likely to possess good luck, which will make your life more comfortable. The luck is similar to an opportunity of you winning a lotto/lottery/competition etc., your health problems might improve slightly also.

By 51 – Your life takes a smooth move, while you need to take care on the health of your Mum.

Between your 52 – 56 year, you might enjoy the best moments in your life as you have ever dreamed, and at this period you will go in for a new house (change in living place) also. You will then own a house and vehicles on your own, especially in this period. All this might go well, once the new wife/woman steps in to your life.

While you lead an independent life, be cautious to take care on the health of your stepfather which will worsen at this time.

I would advise you to seek the Parihar's indicated in your Shanti & Deeksha Kandams and thereafter, you will be living a new life, which you will have been dreaming about often.

Wishing you a Happy and a Healthy life!



Mr. N.

(11 th Kandam)

By worshipping the feet of Lord Shiva, who has given half of his body to Goddess Parvathi, I Agasthya Maharshi read the 11th Kandam of Mr. N. through my reader.

You Mr. N. are born with Vrischika Lagnam, Mesha Rasi and Bharani Star and now you are 48 running.

At this age you might not be working or earning much in any aspects. All your living is going on only with an external support. Your health is not good and might not permit you to work properly.

You might be leading a marriage life but you have not married the woman you are living with. You will have been living with that person for more than 15-18 years. You would have enjoyed a lot and might have been engaged in that relationship to satisfy your lust.

Initially you would have loved her and might have considered her as your wife, who is well known to all. Over the last few years, you would have absorbed the major changes towards her affection on you. Over a period of time also, you will have had difference of opinions, misunderstandings and above all, you will have thought seriously of getting separated from her.

You are by now after a long time ready to change your life path and you wish to have and marry a new lady to take care of you and to live along with you. Legal marriage might not happen, however there are good chances of finding a ‘soul mate' who will be interested to live with you for quiet some time.

Between your 49 – 50 year, you will be meeting that ‘Lady with Luck'. The luck that is indicated, will be quiet similar to that of your winning in the lotto's/lottery/competition etc., and it is this kind of luck, which is going to open op the lovely doors of opportunities for you. You might also get an opportunity to start a business on your own. And through this business, the profits scores will usually be quiet high, to elevate your life further.

Looking into your business opportunities, you are likely to get more benefits and profits through dairy products such as milk and milk products, Hotels & Snack Bars, Garden Seeds and Plants.

Remember, this is the period for you to have a great turning point in your life.

Looking on to the new Lady side, she will not be related to you in any way. She might be residing at a far-off place especially from the North & North East areas from where you live now. You may be meeting her at any shopping/travel/hospital/market areas (public places). She is seen to live in a more natural place like a developed village. She might be the 3 rd child in her family.

She might be having own house where she lives and also having a good family and gains multiple supports. She might be earning her income through farm based products and live-stock.

She would be intelligent and commanding. She is likely to have Buddha + Sukra + Surya placed next to each other. She might give birth to 1 male and 2 female babies in the future or such numbers of children already is born.

Your health might get improved to a better stage, once your new ‘wife' is seen joining you in your life.

You might ask me as how all these would happen to you, for which I advise that it is through the ‘Parihar's'/remedies quoted in your Shanti & Deeksha Kandams.

May the Lord bless you with good health, luck and other comforts in your life.





Herewith the original Olai verses in Tamil of Mr. J. Born….


Om Maha Ganapathy Thunai

Aadhi siva sankariyin thiruthaal pottri
aanoruvan podhukanda vilaka satchi
othiduven manimakuda vatta rekai
otthairu pulliyadum valakarathil
karamarathu pilavaa aandu maathingal
kaanmathi varamathil irupanar thigathi
satramathi varamathil asthamenum
salavi sikiullay raveepaamlu venkai

venkaiyudan silaimudavan mannanmanil
vayalthingal matrakol pennilama
mangalamai navakolam ivaarusutra
magan pirapu narkudilil thondrivaazvaan

thotramadum esuvarkam eendravar thurkum
thaadaimun thondadimai idunaal oivu
kirudivalam tharakudumbam annaiyum paynee
kaanavay attanpaynee idunaal annai

annai magan illamundu vaaganambol
annalum pirathadthil maatranidam
vannamura runathirkaaga vithuvazvu
vanivanum nunukalvi varaipada kattidam

kattudamudan thondadimai paechivanigam
katidakuk rasayana kalavi pandam
ittamudan semiputhadam paniyumkooda
idaikalam matramudan suyamai muyarchi

muyarchiyudan runampala manamakee vazvui
manathavaram illaporupu chevimandam
thayakanilla seyyanor thodarkalvi
thayum sei othuvaz pothupalanum kaana

ghana paer jeffrey scott williams
koorathan andrew francis williams paer
annaiyaval catherine dianamary thaaram
aagiyavaiyadum noolaivaan noorsoolam

soolamathil kolkutram janma vinaiyum
sanjalangal thadai muyarchi manakulapam
allalpala veenalaichal virayaselvamum
idamatram panivancham maylortholai

tholaiyudan kalavurunam aazivuaathi
thavaam sei thunai eendror piniyum kandam
kallamtharum kuvaipalathum vilaki vaaza
karuma shanthu deekshai yerka nanmaiundoo

nanmaiyathum narpananaal nankeerkalam
nalamaki vazvetrum padivashiyagi
peni uyarvu matram pala yetravarathe
panbaaga runam vilaki sayan kalvi
kalvinilai mallmathipu gowrawangal
kaana thanmum pon porulum aabaranangalum
illmeendum thanayogam illal sigichai
iraivazhi chevimatraam sanathinpakam

pakamudan selvakkum solvakkum
pinikandam naarpouravam jambaan solam
chikkalpada thadamattram izapoo vanjam
sanjalangal runavazkum vaaganviputhum

vipathudanay sei thaaram aathan theedu
valamaki iympaandral arubanethil
sepidavay sey pattam nunaka kalviyum
sugamaaki panimanamum pothu inbam

inbanilai payana yogam selvamkundra
inamchi vazthiduvaan aarum ettum
thunbamila sey thaaram kadamai poorthi
thidamaki vaznthiduvaan eraiyaam mel mutray....!


The English translation:

General Kandam 1st
Om Maha Ganapathy Thunai.

I Agasthya humbly submit my prayers to Goddess Parvathi and after worshipping Her holy feet, I Agasthya read this General Kandam through my reader.

This general kandam is read in favour of Mr. J….
Based on your thumb impression which belongs to Mani Maguda Vatta Rekai - Pulli 2, we have located the Naadi Olai, which reads as follows:

Based on your birth data, time & planet position, your horoscope chart is read herewith with reference to the Indian Vedic Panchang.


Then Sun is in Libra with Mercury and Venus. Moon is in Sagittarius, Jupiter, Saturn and Dragons Tail in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio and Dragons Head in Cancer. Lagnam/Ascending sign is in Aries.

You Mr. J… has born in Pilavuga year, Aavani month, 26th Date, Saturday with Janma Rasi Dhanus, Janma Star Moola and Lagnam in Vrishaba. In English the date reads as …..
You are born in a Christian family, and your parents are alive. Father would have been in service earlier and should have retired by now. Your mother might still be in service possibly in the areas of
Construction, Real Estates, agriculture, contract firms at any mid-level position.

You will presently be working for somebody on salary terms, heading a group of workmen possibly in any go-down/shed/factory/storage place. You are living in own house, which is not under your control. Might be you have rented/leased to somebody for financial needs.
You might own a vehicle too.

Your education is related to civil engineering/customer supports/stores management. Mostly you would have done only a
diploma/certificate/short term study courses on any or all of the above dealing with Real Estate & Construction areas.

You would have borrowed/taken some loans and would have engaged yourself in settling it, from time to time.
You are a good person to consult with and can advocate to any level.

You have a permanent seat position without much travel nor transfers in your present occupation.

Looking on these aspects, there seems to be no advancement either in your personal (or) professional life, especially at this present age.

Shall I continue with the same job or shall I opt for a change? Will my life remain the same as now or will it change ever? Shall I engage myself in some other extra business where I can get some more money? What kind of business should I step into? Will I get some good
opportunities? All these are some of the questions, which would have been rising within your mind, everyday.

Your family life is really happy and your wife should be submissive and humble. Your wife will be a homemaker and a good caretaker for all. Your wife should have given birth to a boy, who may be at the primary education, by now. Your wife might have some problems in ear, stomach and nerves especially legs/foot.

The male child might be under 10 years of age, living along with you and your wife, happily. You have completed 43 years and 15 days. Having entered into your 44, you might have faced numerous problems and would never have seen an upward growth in your life.

Earning, Eating, Meeting house-hold needs, paying back loans.... would have been the areas where you might have spent your hard earned money. There would have been no scope to save even a little...

The reasons for not having a secured, joyful and wealthy life is because of your Karmas, - sins done in some previous life, therefore also the planets is situated in your chart according to those deeds and to show the different planets Dosham (Weakness), Which really have affected and obstructed many of your best opportunities in your life path.

Saturn with Kethu is in your 9 th and 2 nd from your Moon. Jupiter is also there but weak and will find it difficult to give his best.
If Saturn is in 9th, you're likely to loose whatever you have... This you might have been realizing over these years and days past now. Things would have been happening quiet opposite to what you think, expect and plan. And whatever efforts you have placed might have turned waste earlier and even now. In most cases you would have sensed the hindrances and will be made to turn your ideas/moods off from what you have planned earlier.

You are left with a lot of confusions, on whatever good ideas that you might get, overall. A lot of expectation would have arisen in these periods especially between your 38 - 43 years. Even peace within
yourself is often disturbed. Sorrows would have been filled you every now and then.

Though you work hard and even for long hours, you seem to earn only a small amount enough to meet your regular needs. The salary might not meet your expectations. Even at your workplace, you might have
faced and experienced little difference of opinions with your seniors, competing with your co-staff. There might be few cases where you would have been taken for a ride, for other's mistakes and errors.

Also at home, you find your parents and wife needing to take their medicines regularly as there would have been suffering with blood, heart, stomach, ear and nerve based illness. Most of your friends and relations will be quiet jealous on you too. Also there might have been a small accident at your work place or while travelling alone.

The reasons for all of the above negative factors are the Karma factors which you and your elders might have done in your past life/birth.

To solve this you need to seek and perform certain Pariharam/Remedies. The Shanti Kandam & the Deeksha Kandam
will enable you to identify those Pariharam's. No doubt, soon after the Pariharam's are performed, you'll wonder to see a happy and a joyful life which is written and told here in the following.

At the age of 43 - 44 your life will run as it is by now.

Between 45 - 46, you'll get a facelift in your life that extends up to your 50th age.
Each year you will notice the great advancements and improvements in your life. It is the period where you'll gain a promotion/profit/wealth/appreciation/recognition/wealth/fame.

You'll start earning more and more and gain back your own house, and will expand it further.
The health condition of your parents does prevail throughout their lives and a permanent cure to your wife may succeed by the year 2006. There is a 70% chance, that it may happen earlier, provided your wife undertakes natural/herbal medicines and not man/machine
made medicines.

Between 47 – 49, your life will take the major turns and shape up well in all aspects, giving you a good name with fame. It is by this time, you'll start expanding your home and other business areas. You will see more financial gains to make you more mobile, especially in your own business, which will be quiet new for you.

Between 50 - 54, you are likely to loose your parent's one after the other. Health problems to your live are likely to increase. Medical expenses are seen high at these periods.

Between 55 - 60, your child's education will be on top gear. Education related to Science/Scientific Research/Invention in Engineering is also felt.

Between 61-70, you'll have a very good, joyful life.

Between 71 - 78, further growth is seen as your son develops well in his areas of occupation. Your son's life will be much brighter than that of yours and your parents.


2 nd KANDAM:

Kudumba Kandam

thirupiraiyai mudiyathanil tharitha eeasa
thiruvadiyai dinamthozhudhu agasthiyan yaan
vuraithiduven thirumaganin eerinnummai
vuraikkaaavi kalasamthil mathiyum mangai

mangaiyudan jeffrey scott williams
maganvayadhu noolnokhum narpansoolam
engithamai manamagi tharamsaigal
elyenbam nunukalvi katidam sarthu

santhathoru varaipadam mudivukandu
sattranaal khondadimai rasayanathadam
panthamudan kattidakkam kalavaipandam
palagarku narpannaal naghirkaalam

kalamathil melkalvi thanvirumbha
kanduraiga mudhunilai anubhava nunukkum
nalamalaga panikandu pinyogam
nanayamum theyttuvalam jeevanamgal

jeevanamgal ponporulum selvacherkkai
sampathyam illaramum nallaramthottu
mayvidaway chollpalitham vakkuvalam
mananiraivu eyephonen nangirkalam

kalamathil pinipeedai sukkumallal
kalakkangal vizhipidai navinasigicchai
allalpala aniyadi vivathamtheri
edarilla aruparhon arugamattum

ettathinmel dhanserkkai dhavandanagi
yennamgal ederum thanvirumbha
sattamgal pirarpottra varathiyinbam
sugamaga vazhnthiduvan yirkandammuttrai.....

The English translation:

Translation - 2nd Kandam

I prostrate and surrender myself to Lord Shiva who has worn the Moon on his head and who takes care of all living beings. With sincere prayers, I Agasthya read the 2nd Kandam (Family Kandam) through my reader in favour of Mr. J….

You are now aged 43 years old, married and live with your wife, happily. By now it is your destiny to have and approach Me to read
this Olai at the age of 43 and you might have done a fair education diploma/certificate/short term study courses on civil engineering/construction/stores management.
You might be working in the same areas as a supervisor/manager/go-down in charge. Over these years you might be a regular earning member in your family.

As read earlier, once you cross your age 44 and enter the 45 year, your life seems to take a good shape. In this period you intend to continue your education related to technical/management areas.

Though you find a number of opportunities to advance your education further you might face few obstacles every now and then. However, you'll cross all the hurdles and you are sure to acquire a new degree,
thereby gaining a promotion too, in your present job.

Between the ages 44-45 years indicate much growth on your personal, education and career. In this period you might gain a lot of appreciation, money and new responsibilities. Through your present occupation you'll gain good and increased income and would save a

Though you'll have small & minor difference of opinions in this period, you won't face any major drawbacks in your personal life, more especially with your wife.

Between 45-49 yrs, you'll be more active, gain wealth and your life will have a new dimension, especially through your business.

Between 47-48 yrs, you'll acquire a good wealth, fortune and a good name.

Between 50-53 yrs, you might face few health problems related to blood, joints, stomach and nerves. This includes an eye surgery which would be a minor operation.

Between 55-60 yrs, you'll be quiet happy and at this period you will lead a more comfortable life than you have ever imagined.

Between 61-68 yrs, you'll acquire more wealth, peace and satisfaction in whatever you might do, both at profession and in business. You'll engage and be active in your married life too, even at the age of 66-68. You will live happily with your wife and children.

You are blessed to have a good health, wealth and a happy life with your wife and children.



arulkattum ennappan adigal potri
aanoruvan tharaganda vilaka satchi
satriduvan uirkalasam vudulu mangaiyal
Satraper jeffrey scott williams

koodanaal vayadunilai narpathan kaalam
kooramagan kaatidanga varaipada kalvi
adimaipani kattidanga rasayanakalavai
aavathoru semipu thadathula panam

panivara yetram pala innaladhu
pinkaalam veru kootu matramuyarchi
kannumnaal pinyogam then virumbee
kuraivera narpannaal naan karkalam

kalamadu panimatram uyarvu koodum
kuraivera varuwayum padipadiyaaga
nbalamaga pannirukku iraikettu
nilamida vudanay kalavai panam

pandamudan varuvaayum etravelachi
perpugazum nalmaapu gowravalithu
vannamura parpotrum yogamadu
varapala pirkala vara melmaruvathu

varuvayum naaldau arupandil
vatraa selvam enayavai
chirapanee vazkai vilanga
sugamana vazkai vaazvudan.....

The English translation:

Translation - 10th Kandam

I prostrate before you Lord Shiva - who bless all
human beings with good health and wealth. With
reference to the thumb prints of Mr. J… I herewith read the 10th Kandam.

You Mr. J… with Dhanu as Janma
Rasi, and Moola as janma star and Vrishaba as janma
lagnam is now 43 years, found to be healthy and

Real Estate/Construction/Civil Engineering/Construction Materials/Storage Go-downs are all indicated to be your workplace. Your education as seen might be a diploma/certificate/short term study course on stores management/civil engineering/construction and relative fields. You might now be working for a private company as a go-down in charge/manager/supervisor commanding a group of

There might be no improvement in your career/life for a long stretch of period. Though the luck (Yogam) exists to your favour, you might be facing a lot of difficulties/obstacles in whatever you do (or) try
with. This is mainly because of the planets (Dosha/defect).
Might be you have not seen the brighter side of your life. Also with the planet doshas, the karma (sins) committed in your earlier birth are believed to be the main reasons for not making you reach your

You might have had a lot of good and excellent opportunities that came on your way and few to your doors too. Yet you have failed to utilize and retain these to your favour. Perhaps, you might not have been known as how exactly to tap the luck and retain it earlier.

Your planetary positions indicate that you had those opportunities especially in the age between 36 - 40, where you failed to realize and seize it.

Once again, it is indicated that you'll have another chance to see those greener side of your life between your ages 45 - 46 years. You need to wait for another one year, to enhance your life and career.

You need to solve the Doshas by performing few pariharam's as cited in your Shanti & Deeksha Kandam which has to be read separately.

Once done, you'll do well more especially when you are in the ages between 45 - 49.

As you continue with the job at present, you might find few great new opportunities that provided you with good money, peace and satisfaction. Chances for further promotion are indicated in the ages between 46- 48 yrs.

You might gain a lot on Cement Products/Construction Products/Real Estates/Food Products/Chemical (medicine) products and also milk products.

You'll have a good team to serve you in business and will lead a very happy life, keeping you busy all the while.

Between 50 - 54 yrs, you are likely to slow down due to the Saturn transit. Care should be taken well in advance.
If necessary precautions are taken, you'll find your life more interesting. You'll be happier between 55-60.

Between 61 - 68 yrs, you are likely to manage a factory on your own, which might produce cement products, which is believed to give you a good gain.

To enhance your life further, you need to know about your Shanti & Deeksha Kandam and perform the pariharam's as indicated therein.

With the Lords grace and blessings of your elders around you, you are sure to have uplift in your Professional life as indicated in your Jeevana Kandam.

May the Lord, Bless you with a joyful and healthy life.


(Labha Kandam)

ahazhagumalai kurathimala aasakonda
iyanavan adipottri agathiyanyaan
phazhaguthamizh orumaganin labamthannai
padiduven vuyirkalasam nilavumpennil

pennudanae jeffrey scott williams
palagarku vayathunilai narpansoolam
manamagi tharamsai othuyinbam
mananthavalum elporuppu seyanayogam

agamudan narpannaal iainthulamuttum
aghevara labamgal sugathettil
sugamaagi vunawathi rasayanapandam
sambathyam kattipakkum kalavaipandam

pandamudan tharakappam vanibamkudi
pinkalam yogampala padipadiyaga
munnaettram yeermanamum thanakkuyogam
manappavalum vuravagi ezhinthikku

thikkudannae eellarugae kundrukottam
thozhirkudam aluvalagam nagaraithottu
thakkathoru thorasamam ezhimaeni
thunaisulam sadhuvammale edaipirappum

pirappudanae kalvivalam thondadimaye
panilabham eandravaril nalammale oruvar
sattrapare mariottha annaiperum
semmani karumkoondhan varisaithantham

thanthamudan tharamkal vadhanamaccham
theygasugam ravibudhan kavithodarcchi
panthamudan kalaisinthai thiramaiyughi
panbugunam ennippoon aaerkkapavai

pavaiyudan nalmadhu vaithumanam
pagersai annrivai penyogam
meviyathor ellaramum nallaramkandu
mannavarekku labhapalan vuraitthadevae

vuraitthadhilum ennthanakku salanampalvar
errukku lawbhanum neesamaagi
karithannilkholkuttram jenmapaavam
kuzhappamgal manamkuda pirivudaiyidai
pirivudanae veenalichal virayachelavum
pinikandam eellkuzhappam sugamalikka
kuttramgal aipirava azhivuaathi
kallamtharum kuraipalathum uiraiyavitteer

vittakhoru kuraiyallam vuraithaseda
veebammun vakkallithane santhidhitsai
ettamudan muraiseya yaethuvattam
eyambiyavan yenvakkum pizhaiya muttrae....

The English translation:

Translation: 11th Kandam

I prostrate and offer my humble prayers to Lord Muruga who features with 'Deivanai' and 'Valli' his two wives. By offering my sincere prayers to Lord Muruga's feet, Agasthya continues herewith to read on your luck, wife and secondary marriages etc., through my reader in favour of Mr. J….

Repeating once again that you Mr. J… were born in … with Dhanus as janma rasi, Moola as janma star and Vrishaba as janma lagnam.

You are now aged 43, married and have a son who is very young in age and engaged in primary education. Your wife along with you leads a happy married life. Your wife might be engaged in home-keeping, taking care of you all in the family well.

Due to Saturn's presence next to your Jupiter you won't have much growth at this age. Kethu with Guru also shows that some relations are also not favourable. After 44, you'll acquire further education, change of occupation, promotion, increase in salary and also new
responsibilities. A permanent secondary income is indicated at this age.

You might be working in a go-down/storage/construction company as an in charge/advisor/manager leading a team of staff.

You might have an increased income in the areas of cement products, food based supply contracts, and advertising and construction contracts. This area provided you rich money and fame, as desired.

Based on the planetary placement in your chart, chances exist for a
secondary marriage.

Having Raghu at 4th and Budha at 6th with Sukra and Surya and Mars in 7 th favours you for a secondary marriage that comes through your wife contacts and relations.

Mostly between 44 - 45 you are likely to have a second marriage which will never harm your present married life. And through your second wife you are likely to gain good luck, acquire new properties, change in job, change in life with much happiness are indicated.
Your second wife may not be a relative to you. She might be a friend living in a far off place.

Your second marriage gives you a major turning point in your life. Your second wife will come from North/North East/North West directions, from where you live now. The distance might be a one day's journey and the area where she lives will have more greenery,
with large companies/factories, luxury houses, good water sources, educational centre and large merchant houses.

Your second wife seem to own a large house and would be more comfortable with vehicles, money, jewellers etc., she'll have 2 brothers and 1 sister. She would be the 3rd person in her family, having a sound education and a great job in a big private company
dealing with vehicles/chemicals and fashion products.

Parents of your second wife, shows that one might be in good health while the other suffers with sickness and is bed-ridden. The name starts with 'M' - as in Mary, Maria etc.,

Your second wife will be reddish, with good teeth, physique, rich long hair which might be reddish brown. And in her hand you find a large scar and also beneath the knee cap to coin size.
And at the back above the waist you might find a reddish brown mole. She will be intelligent and talented enough to manage a factory/company. She is also humble and kind hearted. Drawing & painting, watching TV & Movies should be her best hobbies. She is filled with humour and wish to have fun.

The Sun, Budha & Sukra will be seated in a continuous line in her
horoscope. You are likely to have one male and one female child through her. You'll lead a wonderful life with good wealth/health/career and fame.

Though you have a wonderful life through your second marriage you are likely to face few obstacles & few negative factors too, on the way towards her.

The 9th house is the house of Luck; Guru which is Lord of the 11 th house is seen in your 9th house. Also Sani is seen present in the house of Luck (9 th house).

The Karma (Sins) done in your last birth as well as the Planet Dosha's are likely to disturb your present life, occupation and also the 2nd marriage, which is around the corner. Also ill-health and minor
accidents are indicated while travelling alone.

Hence it is advised that you perform the pariharam's based on your Shanti & Deeksha Kandams. Once this is completed and the doshas are pacified, you'll really enjoy the best in your life.

May the Lord bless you with a more comfortable and healthy life.


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